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Latest News
Saving Wild Life
Posted By: Charles @ Yesterday at 10:06 am in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

I'll be flying off to Darwin in search of some sunshine next weekend so this week's BQ will have to do for a fortnight. (I must remember to lodge my tips for 2 weeks as well!)

While the places and creatures named may be real, the rest is pure fiction.

The W.A. Wildlife Fund has successfully lobbied to have a number of nature reserves (Fox Creek, Riverbank, Simpson’s Lake, Wallaby Swamp) established in places (Capel, Franklin, Lancelin, Tambellup) to protect the habitats of certain endangered animals (albino kangaroo, bilby, spiny anteater, Western turtle,). Using only the clues below, match each park to the year it was established (1994, 1996, 1998, 2000) and the animal that lives within it, and determine the county in which each is located.

... [more]
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Greg Norman Gets Back to Nature
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 20 2017, 10:56 AM in Other Sports
Golf’s Great White Shark Greg Norman strips down, gets back to nature

Chris Hook
Thursday, 20 July 2017 8:03AM

user posted image

Greg Norman turned 62 this year and judging by this revealing shot the golf legend isn’t ready to put away his iron just yet.

The Great White Shark, showing off a body a man half his age would be proud of, is clearly still happy to take out his favourite club and have a swing, with his Instagram page showing the veteran getting his kit off and enjoying the Colorado wilderness.

Still, the green looks well kept, a testament to the entrepreneurial athlete’s gruelling five-day-a-week workout regimen, revealed in this week’s Australian Golf Dige ... [more]
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Man Attacks Police With Samurai Sword
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 20 2017, 10:45 AM in CRIME -
Cops taser man who attacked them with samurai sword in Rockingham

Staff reporters
Thursday, 20 July 2017 7:44AM

user posted image

UPDATE: A police officer has suffered a large wound to the head after being attacked with a samurai sword in Rockingham.

The incident happened about 5.30pm yesterday at a house on Parkin Street, where police had responded to a domestic violence call.

Police said the man, aged 45 from Beeliar, had left the house before police arrived but returned while they were investigating.

It will be alleged the man assaulted the policeman with a samurai sword, hitting him in the head with the weapon and causing a big cut that required stitches.

... [more]
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Round 18 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 20 2017, 10:15 AM in Australian Football League
user posted image

I like to see the selected sides before posting my tips, however some games seem straight forward and I know some of our punters like to get their selections in early. The games where I haven't lodged a tip will be edited tomorrow.

Friday July 21:

Adelaide v Geelong: A close encounter is anticipated with the teams 1st and 2nd on the ladder. A lot will depend on the fitness of some key players. For the Crows Jenkins looks a possible "out" while Sloane is under a cloud. For the Cats Dangerfield would be a huge omission while 'Scooter' Selwood is important if fit. None the wiser after final selections but I'll take a punt on GEELONG Loss

Saturday July 22:

Essendon v North Melbourne ... [more]
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Round 20 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 20 2017, 09:51 AM in Australian Rugby League
user posted image

With the after effects of State of Origin fading and finals approaching we might see some consistent form from the contenders. However, I'm not holding my breath!

Thursday July 20:

BRONCOS v Bulldogs Win

Friday July 21:

ROOSTERS v Knights Win

SHARKS v Rabbitohs Win

Saturday July 22:

PANTHERS v Titans Win

Raid ... [more]
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Woman slain by policeman in USA
Posted By: Phillip J. @ Jul 18 2017, 06:04 PM in Breaking News
What possible reason would this Somali gentleman have for killing this innocent lady? No warning, and even his partner was astounded at the cop's action! Less than two years on the job! Why didn't they follow the rules? Cameras not on, as well! He seemed to just attack and murder the lady, and she was the one that called in the first place! He thought her phone was a gun? Well, the other cop that was with her wasn't concerned about her phone, but the killer, from inside of the vehicle, shot her multiple times, with the bullets zooming past his police partner to make the kill shots! Don't tell me that that's standard procedure. There should be a lot more screening of applicants. The Mayor or somebody made a big, big deal about it being the first Somali recruit! I think they rushed him through based on that alone, just to seen to be...(wait for it)...POLITICALLY CORRECT! It now sounds like th ... [more]
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Roger Federer's outrageous Wimbledon win marks his
Posted By: scepo @ Jul 17 2017, 03:11 PM in Other Sports
Roger Federer's outrageous Wimbledon win marks his place in tennis and sporting history

user posted image

Photo: Swiss master Roger Federer has become the greatest of all time while letting his tennis do the talking. (AP: Tim Ireland)

It is quite possible there is something wrong with Roger Federer. Loud snorer? Lousy tipper? Doesn't turn his phone off at the movies?

But as the greatest male tennis player of this or any era again suspended disbelief by winning a record eighth Wimbledon title one month before his 36th birthday with a 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 victory over Croatian Marin Cilic, nothing sprang to mind.

This, as much as Federer's ornate ... [more]
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More Than Just Model Trains
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 16 2017, 11:11 AM in Interesting/Amusing Youtubes & Videos
I'm not sure if this attraction has been featured before, but it is definitely worth another visit.

... [more]
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Coal Power Opponents 'Delusional': PM
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 16 2017, 09:52 AM in Australian - Latest Political Stories
Turnbull says coal opponents are 'delusional'

Updated: 2:48 pm, Saturday, 15 July 2017

user posted image

Addressing the Liberal National Party state convention in Brisbane, Mr Turnbull hit out at the state Labor government's 'reckless' plans to ensure Queensland's energy supply is carbon neutral by 2050 and said Australia had an interest in ensuring the future of coal.

'Those people who say coal and other fossil fuels have no future are delusional and they fly in the face of all of the economic forecasts,' he t ... [more]
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Don't Look There
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 16 2017, 09:36 AM in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

Where, according to Michael Lee Aday, won't you find a large automobile with an open driver's position and an enclosed passenger section? ... [more]
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Uni teaching how sharia law could be integrated.
Posted By: Bear @ Jul 16 2017, 08:43 AM in NSW
Sydney Uni teaching how sharia law could be integrated into Aussie law.

user posted image
Dr Ghena Krayem teaches one of the Sydney University courses.

Australia’s most prestigious law school has introduced courses which teach students how sharia law could be incorporated into Australia’s legal system.

As part of Muslim Minorities And The Law, professors Salim Farrar and Dr Ghena Krayem are teaching Sydney University students how polygamy and lowering the age of consent could be sufficiently applied to Western civilisation.

The course uses a book, written by the professors, that promotes the idea that “sharia law and common law are not inherently incompatible”.

A portion of the textbook identifies the benefits of turning away from monogamous relationships and notes how shar ... [more]
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Time to respect our sporting Elders
Posted By: scepo @ Jul 14 2017, 04:50 PM in Other Sports
Queensland Maroons, Roger Federer and Venus Williams show it's time to respect our sporting elders

By Offsiders columnist Richard Hinds

user posted image

Photo: Roger Federer celebrates after winning his Wimbledon quarter-final against Milos Raonic. (Reuters: Andrew Couldridge)

You will not understand this until the first time a teenaged barista looks pityingly at your grey-haired, pot-bellied 50-something self and patronisingly enquires: "What can I get for you, sweetheart?"

It is tempting to believe diminished respect for elders is a generational failin ... [more]
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Push For ID Checks on Domestic Flights
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 14 2017, 09:00 AM in Australian National News
Former Federal Police officer pushes for ID checks on domestic flights

Gary Adshead
Friday, 14 July 2017 12:35AM

user posted image

The days of booking a domestic flight in Australia and travelling without having to prove your identity must end, a former senior Australian Federal Police officer has argued.

Chris Douglas, a 30-year veteran of investigating organised crime and terrorism financing, believes the absence of identity checks for domestic travel remains the blind spot in fighting terrorism in Australia.

“This is a loose end that must be tidied up,” he told The West Australian.

“No one should be allowed to travel on a flight unless they have have been identified. I think even the public w ... [more]
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Why craft beer brands are struggling
Posted By: Flin @ Jul 14 2017, 08:36 AM in Australian Business & Financial News
Why craft beer brands are struggling to find a place at the taps
user posted image

Ever wondered why one pub seems to be all about VB and Carlton Draught and another serves Tooheys New alongside James Boags?

For beer or cider brands, the tap at a pub is as highly sought after as the eye-level shelf in a supermarket.

The big distribution and brewing companies often compete to get their slice of the action, with companies like Lion and Carlton United getting venues to sign contracts to make sure they take up as much real estate on the icy tap row as possible.

But some craft brewers believed they were getting a raw deal by being locked out of the taps.

"We've approached venues and been told that they've been fully contracted," brewer and chair of the Independ ... [more]
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Not the time to pick this fight.
Posted By: Bear @ Jul 13 2017, 06:01 PM in Australian - Latest Political Stories
Not the time to pick this fight.

user posted image
Malcolm Turnbull earlier this year addressed the 75th anniversary dinner in Canberra of the Sir Robert Menzies Forgotten Peoples Speech of 1942. Picture: Ray Strange

What was Malcolm Turnbull thinking?

And who is advising him?

Turnbull’s attempt to use the legacy of Robert Menzies to argue that the Liberal Party should not be conservative is not a fight that he should be initiating right now.

For a Prime Minister fighting for survival, trying to win the battle against the conservatives in his own party by enlisting the words of Robert Menzies is not going to work.

If Turnbull wants to quote Menzies, he’d be better off quoting from his famous “forgotten people” speech.

Today’s forgotten people ar ... [more]
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Round 17 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 13 2017, 12:13 PM in Australian Football League
user posted image

I must double check that I've included all 9 games this week. Last week I missed one and the game had already started when I entered my tip (Sydney). However, as Gold Coast was in front at the time(just before quarter time) I went ahead. Had Sydney been leading I would have accepted the away team. If any fellow tipster thinks I've done the wrong thing, I'll deduct a point on the leaderboard.

Friday July 14:

Saint Kilda v Essendon: The Saints were most impressive in the way they beat the Tigers last week so I have to tip them. SAINT KILDA Loss

Saturday July 15:

Geelong v Hawthorn: Two fierce rivals playing at the "G". The Cats will want to consolidate a top four spot while the Hawks st ... [more]
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Round 19 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 13 2017, 11:50 AM in Australian Rugby League
user posted image

This round of 6 fixtures looks a little too straightforward. That's when I worry!

Friday July 14:

WARRIORS v Panthers Loss

RAIDERS v Dragons Win

Saturday July 15:

Knights v BRONCOS Win

Titans v SHARKS Loss

Sunday July 16:

SEA EAGLES v Tigers Win

Rabbitohs v COWBOYS - could go either way! Win

Good luck!
... [more]
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Man found dead in coal wagon at Port of Brisbane
Posted By: Flin @ Jul 13 2017, 08:02 AM in CRIME -
Man found dead in coal wagon at Port of Brisbane
user posted image

Police believe a man's body spent 11 hours in a coal wagon travelling from an inland mine before it was found at Brisbane's port some 350 kilometres away.

Detectives investigating the discovery at the Port of Brisbane described the death as "unusual to say the least" but it was not being treated as murder.

Detective Inspector Owen Elloy said Queensland Rail workers found the man's body in the doors of a coal wagon about midday on Wednesday, after the train delivered its load of coal from Chinchilla, about four hours north-west of the city.

"At this stage, an investigation is being undertaken and it is being treated as s ... [more]
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WA's Pink Lake Gains International Acclaim
Posted By: Charles @ Jul 12 2017, 09:04 AM in WA
Spectacular pink lake gets ‘surreal’ kudos

Rourke Walsh
Wednesday, 12 July 2017 12:36AM

user posted image

Lake Hillier’s stunning pink colour.

It is a tiny lake on an island off a remote part of the State.

But despite its location, the spectacular pink waters of Lake Hillier are rapidly gaining international acclaim.

It has topped an online list compiled by popular travel guide Fodor’s of the planet’s 25 most surreal landscapes.

It beat other breathtaking sights including Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan — known as the Door to Hell — and China’s Zhangjiajie Forest, where the movie Avatar was filmed.

“Who needs Photoshop when our pla ... [more]
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Drone pilot fined $900
Posted By: Flin @ Jul 10 2017, 03:12 PM in Science & Technology
Drone pilot fined $900 for 'hazardous' flight at Sylvia Jeffreys and Peter Stefanovic's wedding
user posted image

Drone footage from a celebrity wedding in New South Wales has proved costly to its pilot, who was slapped with a $900 fine by Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

When TV presenter Sylvia Jeffreys and her journalist partner Peter Stefanovic tied the knot in April, a glittering Instagram post caught CASA's eye.

Jeffreys uploaded soaring footage of the celebration at Kangaroo Valley — a frothing magnum of champagne showering the bridal party, who bounced with joy as A-listers looked on behind them.

The ABC understands the person who was fined was a guest at the wedding.

CASA said the fine was issued for "hazardous fl ... [more]
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