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 Players Association slams AFL over transgender cal
 Posted: Oct 18 2017, 08:14 AM

Supremo Poster

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Players Association slams AFL over transgender call
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Mouncey, a transgender footballer, was barred by the league from this year's draft less than 24 hours before it is held in Melbourne.

ALL CLASS: Mouncey praised for response to AFL rejection

It is understood an AFL sub-committee rejected her draft nomination based on an exception in the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission's guidelines 'Trans and gender diverse inclusion in sport - complying with the Equal Opportunity Act 2010'.

The exception is to ensure players don't have an unfair competitive advantage in single-sex competitions where the strength, stamina or physique of players is relevant.

If they allow this, a lot of over the hill AFL stars will jump at the opportunity to extend their careers by playing with the girls.
Paul Gannen might even switch codes,

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 Posted: Oct 18 2017, 09:23 AM

Supremo Poster

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All the PC progressives will be up in arms over this sexist decision by the AFL

It's almost as bad as voting NO to gay marriage.

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 Posted: Oct 18 2017, 09:31 AM


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Some of these people are wanting separate toilets for the alphabet people, if it's good enough for toilets, surely it is good enough for sports.
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