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 FDNC Diners
 Posted: Nov 19 2017, 08:48 AM

Rana Capillum

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Five FDNC members (Alicia, Bear, Flin, Lee and Scepo) managed to meet up. During the week they agreed to go out together to eat 5 evening meals on Monday through Friday.

Each member served as the host at a restaurant (Chinese, French, Italian, Seafood and Steakhouse) of their choice on a different night.

Use the clues below to determine which member hosted the group each night and what food they selected.

1. Lee was not the Friday host.

2. Flin hosted the group on Wednesday

3. The group ate at a Chinese restaurant on Friday

4. Bear volunteered to be the first host.

5. Alicia selected a steakhouse the night before our diners visited a French restaurant.

6. The seafood restaurant is closed on Mondays

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