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 Amtrak train was travelling at 80kph over speed li
 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 06:08 AM

Supremo Poster

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Amtrak train was travelling at 80kph over speed limit before deadly derailment, officials say
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An Amtrak train was hurtling 80 kilometres per hour over the speed limit when it careened off an overpass south of Seattle, spilling carriages onto the highway below and killing at least three people, officials have confirmed.

Bella Dinh-Zarr, a National Transportation Safety Board member, said the event data recorder in the rear locomotive showed the train was traveling at 128kph in a 48kph zone when it derailed at 7:34am on Monday (local time).

But Ms Dinh-Zarr said it is not yet known what caused the train to derail and that "it's too early to tell" why it was going so fast.

She said investigators will talk to the engineer and other crew members. In previous deadly train wrecks, investigators looked at whether the engineer was distracted or disoriented.

A US official told the Associated Press earlier in the day that at least six people died and that the number of fatalities could rise, though state officials only confirmed three deaths in an afternoon briefing.

One would think that in our days of computers, GPS ,Black Boxes and all the other smart Apps, over speed accidents would be highly unlikely. In recent times, it seems it is the most common cause of passenger train crashes, including the one at north of Bundaberg.

"Nov 15, 2014 - The lead power car and the following seven trailer cars were thrown off the rails as the Spirit of Townsville diesel train entered a curve just before Cabbage Tree Creek travelling at 112kmh, in an area that was zoned 60kmh. "

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Phillip J.
 Posted: Dec 20 2017, 03:29 PM


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I mean, if a person pushes something beyond the recommended speeds, what do they think is going to happen? I feel sorry for the passengers that were killed and injured, because, like all of us, we rightly expect competent drivers on any trains. Or, on any public transport! Our lives are essentially in their hands!

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