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Latest News
Australian Prime Ministers
Posted By: Charles @ Yesterday at 09:39 am in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

This week's BQ should suit those who are into some Australian history.

Name the 3 Australian Prime Ministers who -

1. Was born a Scot, was the 5th of 7 children and his father was a Presbyterian minister.

2. Had a coat of arms featuring two Australian lyrebirds and the motto "We have been faithful".

3. Was employed for 25 years by NSW Railways.
... [more]
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US moves 100 coffins to Korean border
Posted By: Flin @ Yesterday at 08:21 am in Asia / Pacific
US moves 100 coffins to Korean border
user posted image

The US military says it has moved 100 wooden coffins to the inter-Korean border to prepare for North Korea's returning the remains of American soldiers who have been missing since the 1950-53 Korean War.

US Forces Korea spokesman Colonel Chad Carroll also said 158 metal transfer cases were sent to a US air base near Seoul, South Korea's capital, and would be used to send the remains home.

North Korea agreed to return US war remains during the June 12 summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump.

The US military preparations suggest that the repatriation of war remains could be imminent, but it remains unclear when and how it would occur.

Earlier on Sa ... [more]
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Dark Mofo's inverted crosses.
Posted By: Bear @ Jun 23 2018, 05:40 PM in TAS
Hobart Mayor Ron Christie cops flak for trying to douse Dark Mofo's flame.

user posted image
The 20 metre inverted crosses were the subject of complaints from the Christian Lobby. Supplied: Mona/Dark Mofo/Rémi Chauvin.

Tourism and business leaders have lashed out at Hobart's Lord Mayor for criticising Dark Mofo and suggesting the council withdraw its support for the winter festival.

Mayor Ron Christie has declared he wants to "put the brakes" on Dark Mofo because it has become too controversial and suggested council reconsider the financial support it provides.

Yesterday Ald Christie said he and his colleagues had been inundated with complaints about the festival, including the "unhealthy culture" it was generating.

"They say the mark ... [more]
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Leave Our Language Alone
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 23 2018, 03:21 PM in Social Issues
Opinion: Diversity warriors need to leave our language alone

Gemma TogniniThe West Australian
Wednesday, 20 June 2018 2:00AM

user posted image

Gender Specific words Illustration: Don LindsayPicture: Illustration: Don Lindsay

A couple of weeks ago, in these very pages, I wrote about certain words that have been hijacked and held hostage. To be clear, I didn’t intend to be talking about ... well, talking, so very quickly but when the beer’s free you grab a middy, right?

As they say in the classics, s... just got real and instead of words being taken hostage, this time it’s the entire conversation. Let me explain.

Some of you may have seen the news ov ... [more]
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Salim Mehajer begins 11-month jail term
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 23 2018, 09:22 AM in Breaking News
Salim Mehajer begins 11-month jail term
user posted image

Disgraced property developer, groom and politician Salim Mehajer is back in jail - this time for 11 months - after committing electoral fraud.

A magistrate on Friday jailed Mehajer for 21 months, ordering he be released after 11 months and then placed on a $500 three-year good behaviour bond.

The former Auburn deputy mayor has spent the last few months in and out of jail, after winning and losing bail applications or breaching bail conditions on other charges.

His latest stint behind bars comes after being found guilty of 77 charges related to a joint criminal enterprise with his sister aimed at influencing the 2012 Auburn City Council vote.

Fatima Mehajer received a two-month suspended sentence because she acted under her brother ... [more]
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"Meat" Marketing Debate
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 22 2018, 06:29 PM in Other Political News
Food fight over 'traitorous, manipulated mung beans' in meat fridge

By political reporter Anna Henderson

user posted image

A Government politician representing beef industry heartland has taken issue with the labelling and placement of a vegetarian product, describing it as a "traitorous protein" that should not be stocked on supermarket meat aisle shelves.

Michelle Landry, who paints herself as a "committed carnivore", holds the marginal Queensland seat of Capricornia.

The electorate includes Rockhampton — which celebrates its links with the cattle industry through six giant bull statues, and hosts the national beef expo.

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Yazidi refugees arrive in Toowoomba
Posted By: Bill @ Jun 22 2018, 01:48 PM in Good News Stories
Yazidi refugees fleeing northern Iraq arrive in Toowoomba to write a new history in Australia

user posted image
This Yazidi family make up one of the roughly 100 who are settling in Toowoomba

On Queensland's Darling Downs history is being made as an ancient people start a new life in a new home.

Far from a troubled region in northern Iraq, under attack from Islamic jihadist ... [more]
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Round 14 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 20 2018, 11:27 AM in Australian Football League
user posted image

We're into the last of the bye rounds and it's worth noting that sides coming off the bye continue to have a poor record. Just 1 of the 6 sides that have had the bye have gone on to lose their next match. The losers have included Finals aspirants Port Adelaide and West Coast. It has been much the same in previous years.

I'll also put on official record that Lee has tipped West Coast for the first game of the round.

Onto the games:

Thursday June 21:

West Coast v Essendon: The last time these two sides met, the Bombers won by over 10 goals. However, this is a different Eagles side and the Bombers are coming off the bye. WEST COAST

Friday June 22:

Port Adelaide v Melbourne: The Demons are one of the better performi ... [more]
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Round 15 (cont.) - S of O
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 19 2018, 05:04 PM in Australian Rugby League
user posted image

The NRL web site lists Origin II as part of Round 15. Round 16 commences on Thursday June 28. As Bill points out, there are some other entertaining Rugby League games over the weekend but I haven't included these for tipping purposes.

Sunday June 24:

Queensland ... [more]
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Strong earthquake near Osaka in Japan
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 19 2018, 08:53 AM in Asia / Pacific
Strong earthquake near Osaka in Japan kills 3, injures hundreds
user posted image

A strong earthquake knocked over walls and set off scattered fires around metropolitan Osaka in western Japan on Monday, killing at least three people and injuring more than 300.

A 9-year-old girl was killed by a falling concrete wall at her school, and the two other fatalities were men in their 80s.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 307 people were treated for injuries at hospitals. Most of the injured were in Osaka – Japan’s No. 2 city bustling with businesses. Osaka officials did not give details, but the injuries reported in Kyoto and three o ... [more]
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Bill Shorten says Liberals to privatise the ABC
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 17 2018, 08:15 PM in Australian - Latest Political Stories
Bill Shorten says an election victory would 'embolden' the Liberals to privatise the ABC
user posted image

iberal members will be "emboldened" to sell the ABC if the party wins the next election, federal Labor is warning.

The Opposition has leapt on calls from Liberal Party members for the national broadcaster to be privatised, except in regional areas.

Senior government ministers are rushing to deny the Coalition has plans to sell the ABC, despite the motion passing overwhelmingly at the Liberal national conference this weekend.< ... [more]
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Nan Madol - the Venice of the Pacific
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 17 2018, 11:11 AM in Asia / Pacific
Venice of the Pacific: The race to save the mysterious Micronesian ruins of Nan Madol

Pacific Beat
By Pacific affairs reporter Liam Fox

user posted image

Photo: The ruins of Nan Madol have only recently been put on the map, helped by a 2016 World Heritage listing. (Wikipedia commons: Jebrennan)

Visiting the ruins of Nan Madol in the Federated States of Micronesia is like stepping into an Indiana Jones movie.

Twisted trees sprout from the massive, moss-covered stone columns that form the remains of centuries-old palaces, temples, and tombs.

It is an awe-inspiring place but despite the imposing presence of the ruins, the site is more fragile than it appears.

The man charged wi ... [more]
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$1 Rust Bucket on Relief Mission
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 17 2018, 10:38 AM in Good News Stories
Hobart rust bucket bought for one dollar preparing for relief voyage to the Philippines

By Natalie Whiting

user posted image

Photo: The Tasmanian Ports authority was keen to get rid of the Corvina. (ABC News: Scott Ross)

On Hobart's Derwent River, an old and rusting ship is docked in the state-owned port. It's set to be sold to Anna McDougall for one dollar.

Ms McDougall was born into a life of poverty in the Philippines and looks up at the Corvina as she talked about her goal to sail it to the Philippines

"I want to get out of here and start my work, start helping people in the Philippines, especially in the remote islands," she said.

It's a dream that ... [more]
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Potato Launch
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 17 2018, 10:06 AM in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

This week I have a logic puzzle for you. It's a little harder than the last one. Two points for a completely correct answer, one for a partially correct (over 50%) solution.

The local country town just held its annual "Potato Launch" contest, wherein different teams (Mad Mashers, Spud Chuckers, Super Tubers and Yesterdays Boys) build home-made contraptions (air cannon, catapult, slingshot and vacuum cannon) and each tries to shoot colored potatoes (black, orange, white and yellow) as far as they can. Using only the clues below, determine each team's best distance (45, 50, 55 and 60 metres)) and match up the type of device each used and the color of the potato they launched.


1. Of the team that us ... [more]
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Liberal Party council votes to sell off the ABC
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 16 2018, 06:13 PM in Other Political News
Liberal Party council votes to sell off the ABC and move Australian embassy to Jerusalem
user posted image
[sbABC managing director Michelle Guthrie during a Senate estimates hearing.[/sb]

The Liberal Party’s peak council has voted almost 2:1 to privatise the ABC in a call that was swiftly rejected by cabinet ministers amid warnings it would be “total madness” to act on the call.

The overwhelming vote at the party’s annual council in Sydney gained vocal support from conservative think-tank Institute of Public Affairs, which said the company could be sold or given to Australians who already own it.

The vote came in a debate on Saturday where about 110 council delegates, representing Liberal branches from across the country, also voted for an efficiency review into SBS.

The c ... [more]
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Mum, daughter jailed for plotting terror
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 16 2018, 11:29 AM in Europe
Mum, daughter jailed for plotting terror
user posted image

A mother and daughter "filled with hate and toxic ideology" have been jailed for planning terrorist attacks in London, including a likely knife rampage.

Rizlaine Boular, 22, and her mother Mina Dich, 44, had earlier admitted preparing terrorist acts after having been tracked by police as they drove around carrying out reconnaissance of potential targets in central London in April last year.

The following day, the pair went to a supermarket in Wandsworth, southwest London, where they bought a pack of three kitchen knives, police said.

After their arrest, detectives recovered electronic devices from both Rizlaine's and Mina' ... [more]
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The Tax System Explained in Beer
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 15 2018, 09:15 AM in Interesting/Amusing Youtubes & Videos
I have to give credit to Charka for this clip. He sent it via email and I thought it worth sharing (though Bill might regard it as right wing propaganda).

... [more]
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Spain's new socialist Government.
Posted By: Bear @ Jun 13 2018, 07:51 PM in Europe
MS Aquarius: why did Spain accept the disputed migrant ship?

user posted image
Carlo Herman/AFP/Getty Images.

Spain has accepted a rescue ship carrying 629 migrants which had been turned away by the new Italian government, avoiding a humanitarian crisis and diffusing a political stand-off between two EU countries.

In a statement the country’s new prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, said he had given permission for the MS Aquarius to dock in Valencia, adding his country would welcome all those on board.

Sanchez went on say that “It is our duty to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe harbour to these people in accordance with international law.”

The decision by the new socialist Spanish government provi ... [more]
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Round 13 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 13 2018, 10:35 AM in Australian Football League
user posted image

Just six games this weekend because of the byes. Also a return of Thursday night football.

Thursday June 14th:

Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: The Power are always tough at home (as the Tigers found out last week). I can't see the Doggies getting close. PORT ADELAIDE WIN

Friday June 15th:

Sydney v West Coast: Two bitter rivals renew hostilities. The Eagles haven't beaten the Swans on the SCG this century and teams coming off a bye haven't always got a great record. It hurts me to say SYDNEY WIN

Saturday June 16th:

Carlton v Fremantle: Can the Blues win their second game of the year? The Dockers don't alw ... [more]
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Round 15 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 13 2018, 10:16 AM in Australian Rugby League
user posted image

Some interesting games this round.

Thursday June 14th


Friday June 15th:



Saturday June 16th:


DRAGONS v Sea Eagles WIN


Sunday June 17th:

Knights v STORM more]
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ANU wants out of western civilisation
Posted By: Bear @ Jun 12 2018, 07:58 PM in Other Political News
Turnbull wants ANU to tell him why it pulled out of western civilisation degree.

PM to speak to Australian National University vice-chancellor over end to Ramsay Centre deal talks.

user posted image
Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says it’s ‘very hard to understand’ why ANU walked away from a controversial western civilisation degree. Photograph: Glenn Hunt/AAP.

Malcolm Turnbull says he will contact the vice-chancellor of the Australian National University after it pulled out of negotiations with the John Howard-backed Ramsay Centre to establish a controversial western civilisation degree.

Campaigning in the Queensland byelection seat of Longman on Thursday, the prim ... [more]
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Posted By: scepo @ Jun 11 2018, 09:36 AM in FAKE NEWS

user posted image

Howell Woltz

Howell Woltz is an American author living in Warsaw, Poland, whose work focuses on America's system of justice and the negative effects of Progressivism on free nations and their people.

In 1983, I read the first edition of The Media Monopoly by famous Washington Post journalist Ben Bagdikan. In it, he warned of the dire consequences of having just 50 media corporations controlling the content of public information and news in America.

A highly consolidated press was of c ... [more]
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Companion Dog Helping Students
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 11 2018, 09:34 AM in Education
Teacher pays $10K for a companion dog to help her special education needs students

ABC Kimberley
By Ben Collins

user posted image

Photo: It's unclear who enjoys brushing time more - the students or the dog, Hannah. (ABC Kimberley: Ben Collins)

A special education needs high school teacher has paid $10,000 out of her own pocket to buy a dog specially-trained to assist her students.

Amina Rand bought Hannah, a Saint Bernard trained to work in special education needs classrooms at Broome Senior High School in Western Australia.

It's been a long-held dream of Ms Rand's to have a companion dog in the classroom, but the cost has been a major challenge.

" ... [more]
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Austria to shut seven 'political' mosques.
Posted By: Bear @ Jun 9 2018, 08:18 PM in Europe
Austria to shut seven 'political' mosques and expel imams.

user posted image

Austria has said it will close down seven mosques and expel imams who it says are funded by foreign countries.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the move was a crackdown on political Islam.

Some mosques are suspected of having links to Turkish nationalists. In April images emerged showing children in Turkish army uniforms re-enacting the World War One Battle of Gallipoli.

The Turkish president's office called Austria's move "Islamophobic, racist and discriminatory".

The Austrian government says 60 of the 260 imams in the country are being investigated, of whom 40 belong to ATIB, an Islamic organisation in Austria close to the Turkish g ... [more]
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Mystery Pictures
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 9 2018, 06:41 PM in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

I'm going to be very busy tomorrow so I'm posting this BQ a day early. I'll still wait until tomorrow to reveal the answer to last week's so you have a bit more time if you haven't worked it out already.

This week's question involves two pictures. I want to know what they are. One is relatively easy, the other a tough one.

user posted image

user posted image ... [more]
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Secret ex-Muslim network in Australia fear disownm
Posted By: scepo @ Jun 9 2018, 11:24 AM in Australian National News
This is a rather long article which frankly I am surprised ABC has posted on its news website. It however does confirm some of what I have been saying for a long time. I hope there can be some sensible discussion on this topic.

Secret ex-Muslim network in Australia fear disownment and abuse

By Specialist Reporting Team's Jennine Khalik

The young men and women blowing clouds of grape and mint-flavoured smoke at a Middle Eastern shisha cafe in Sydney could pass for any group of friends.

They are a cluster of ordinary professionals and students, passing hookah pipes to each other, as they sip coffee, banter and glance at their smartphones.
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Rare Black Kookaburra in WA
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 8 2018, 10:54 AM in WA
Rare black kookaburra spotted in Western Australia believed to be first sighting in state for decades

ABC South West WA
By Stan Shaw

user posted image

Photo: The rare black kookaburra was seen in a backyard in Manjimup, WA. (Supplied: Mike)

Australia's bird experts have had to trawl through the record books after the sighting of a rare black kookaburra in a Western Australian backyard.

Amateur photographer Mike (surname withheld) said he could not believe it when he looked out the kitchen window of his Manjimup property, about 300 kilometres south of Perth, and spotted the rare bird.

"I saw this black bird on the garden shed and I said to my wife 'Crikey, that looks like a kookaburra', and I knew it was by the ... [more]
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Troubled Star Finds a Life After Sport
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 8 2018, 10:36 AM in Good News Stories
Former West Coast Eagles star Chad Fletcher launches Bali business selling his macrame creations

Rhianna MitchellThe West Australian
Friday, 8 June 2018 2:00AM

user posted image

Former West Coast Eagles star Chad Fletcher’s macrame designs are inspired by nature and surfing.Picture: Instagram

On any given day, Chad Fletcher can be found sitting quietly in a Balinese villa, his dog by his side and his hands weaving strands of cotton into intricate patterns.

Those hands, as the former West Coast Eagles premiership player puts it, were used to being wrapped around leather.

But they now create macrame — a craft that has brought the 38-year-old peace and ... [more]
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Round 12 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 8 2018, 09:55 AM in Australian Football League
user posted image

A couple of "expert" tipsters on the AFL web site reckon this round could make or break the tipping results for the season. Only 7 fixtures but they could only agree on 3 games.

Friday June 8:

Port Adelaide v Richmond: The Power will be desperate to cement a spot in the finals while the Tigers are comfortable in second spot. The reigning Premiers will be without Dustin Martin and Port are at home. Possibly PORT ADELAIDE. WIN

Saturday June 9:

Geelong v North Melbourne: The 'Roos are this season's surprise packet but the Cats are at home. The game should be a cracker. GEELONG (just). WIN

GWS v Gold Coast: The Giants ... [more]
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Round 14 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 8 2018, 09:37 AM in Australian Rugby League
user posted image

Given last week's performance, I'm hoping to go one better - which means 2 from 8

Friday June 8:



Saturday June 9:




Sunda ... [more]
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Anti-PC Book Launched
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 7 2018, 12:28 PM in Other Political News
Alan Jones, Tony Abbott launch anti-PC book by educator Kevin Donnelly

ABC News Breakfast

user posted image

At the Sofitel hotel in Sydney this week some of Australia's best-known conservatives gathered to talk about political correctness.

Specifically, how they felt it was destroying Australia.

Broadcaster Alan Jones described it as a crisis. Former prime minister Tony Abbott said people should not be cowed into silence by the "outrage industry".

And both agreed that there was a "march of the left through our institutions".

The gathering was for the official launch of a new book by education expert and commentator Kevin Donnelly, titled: How Political Correctness Is Destroying Australia — Enemies Withi ... [more]
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Woolworths Turn Down Nude Photo Shoot
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 7 2018, 10:40 AM in Breaking News
Spencer Tunick's nude photoshoot plan turned down by Prahran Woolworths supermarket

By Joseph Dunstan

user posted image

Photo: Tunick photographed thousands of nude volunteers at Federation Square in Melbourne in 2001. (Reuters)

Melbourne businesses are lobbying supermarket giant Woolworths to overturn its decision to deny international nude crowd photographer Spencer Tunick access to one of its carparks for a photoshoot.

Tunick had planned to photograph thousands of nude Melburnians at the rooftop carpark at the supermarket's Prahran store on Chapel Street, in inner-city Melbourne.

The New York-based artist is famous for his photos of throngs of naked people in public places a ... [more]
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Charity Boss Allegedly Recruiting For IS
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 7 2018, 10:27 AM in Australian National News
Sydney teenager encouraged to join IS by Australian charity boss, Lebanese military tribunal told

By ABC Investigations' Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop and Suzanne Dredge with Middle East correspondent Matt Brown and Cherine Yazbeck

user posted image

Photo: Isaak el Matari, 19, was arrested by Lebanese security forces in August last year. (Facebook)

An Australian teenager jailed in Lebanon on accusations he was trying to join Islamic State (IS) has allegedly confessed he was encouraged to become a foreign fighter by the head of a Sydney-based charity which has been under a cloud of suspicion by Lebanese and Australian authorities.

The explosive allegation is contained in a Lebanese court dossie ... [more]
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Clive Palmer company 'approves' reopening of nicke
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 6 2018, 11:22 AM in Australian Business & Financial News
Clive Palmer company 'approves' reopening of nickel refinery
user posted image

Businessman Clive Palmer says he'll reopen his mothballed Townsville nickel refinery and he's got plenty of cash to do it - despite a court freezing his assets.

Mr Palmer's surprise announcement comes just a fortnight after liquidators of his collapsed Queensland Nickel business won a court order to freeze his assets while they try to recover money owed to creditors.

Late last month, Supreme Court Justice John Bond granted an application by Queensland Nickel's liquidators to freeze the assets of Mr Palmer and several of his companies.

Justice Bond said Mr Palmer's previous conduct raised concerns that there was a "real risk&qu ... [more]
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Something in Common
Posted By: Charles @ Jun 5 2018, 05:11 PM in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

Running late with this week's question so here's an easy one!

What do the following words all have in common?

cast, charm, exaltation, murder, mutation
... [more]
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Malcolm turnbull - farmers need to adapt
Posted By: lee @ Jun 5 2018, 03:24 PM in Australian National News
The federal government will lean on the states to help communities suffering from prolonged drought but Malcolm Turnbull says farmers will ultimately have to adapt to the consequences of climate change.

user posted image

With drought threatening much of the east coast grain crop as well as large swaths of Western Australia, Mr Turnbull said the rural sector needed to become more "resilient" to adapt to what was "clearly a drier, hotter and more variable climate".

"That's what we've got to plan for, resilience is the key," the Prime ... [more]
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Volkswagen Vows to End Experiments on Animals
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 5 2018, 08:15 AM in Europe
Volkswagen Vows to End Experiments on Animals
user posted image

The German automaker Volkswagen is promising that it will no longer support the use of animals in testing the effects of diesel exhaust, as the company tries to move past an emissions-cheating scandal in which it was found to have helped finance experiments on monkeys.

The pledge was made in a letter to the German branch of the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It is part of a push by Volkswagen, Europe’s biggest car manufacturer, to cope with the toll of a scheme that has resulted in tens of billions of dollars in settlements and fines, the dismissal of successive chief executives and the arrest and imprisonment of top company offi ... [more]
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Turnbull government uses millions of super account
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 1 2018, 09:40 AM in Australian - Latest Political Stories
Turnbull government uses millions of super accounts to boost budge
user posted image

The Turnbull government has hoovered up more than $2 billion in inactive superannuation accounts and claimed the revenue as its own, saying it does not trust the superannuation industry to reunite the accounts of millions of Australian workers.

New Tax Office figures show more than 4.1 million "lost" super accounts with balances of up to $6000 have already been taken by the Australian Tax Office but the ATO will not have the power to automatically redistribute them to the account holders unless measures are passed from the May budget.

The May budget papers show the government has also added another $1.1 billion taken from inactive accounts to the underly ... [more]
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Virgin Galactic's spaceplane hits new heights
Posted By: Flin @ Jun 1 2018, 08:02 AM in Science & Technology
Virgin Galactic's spaceplane hits new heights in second powered flight
user posted image

Virgin Galactic has shown the first firing of its spaceplane's chemical rocket engine was no fluke, following last month's effort with another successful outing in California. The latest test flight took the tourist-carrying space vehicle a little closer to space, literally and figuratively, with engineers now poring over data with an eye to the next round of testing.

Where some private space companies, such as Blue Origin, imagine firing tourists into space with conventional launch vehicles that blast off from the ground, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity wor ... [more]
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Shorten Running Scared on Asylim Seekers
Posted By: Charles @ May 31 2018, 04:30 PM in Other Political News
Opinion: Bill Shorten is running scared on asylum seeker policy

Paul MurrayThe West Australian
Wednesday, 30 May 2018 2:00AM

user posted image

Picture: Illustration: Don Lindsay

My maternal grandfather — who was partial to a cold drink on a warm day — used to have a humorous saying about teetotallers.

“You can’t trust a man who can’t trust himself with a drink,” he’d declare, presumably only half-joking.

Trust is a funny thing. Once it’s lost, it’s often impossible to win back.

Which is why Bill Shorten is running scared on asylum seeker policy again.

That’s because more]
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Round 11 Fixtures and Tips
Posted By: Charles @ May 31 2018, 12:41 PM in Australian Football League
user posted image

An unusual round in that the top 9 teams are playing the bottom nine. There's bound to be the usual upset but picking it is the tough call.

Friday June 1:

Sydney v Carlton: The Swans will be too strong at home against the young Blues. SYDNEY WIN

Saturday June 2:

Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: The Demons have been awesome the way they have blitzed opponents in recent weeks. The Doggies struggle to kick big scores. MELBOURNE WIN

Hawthorn v Port Adelaide: On paper, the game of the round. The Hawks always play well in Tasmania while the Power should be freshened up after the bye. A tough one but HAWTHORNmore]
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Murdered' journo fronts press conference
Posted By: Flin @ May 31 2018, 07:55 AM in Europe
Murdered' journo fronts press conference
user posted image

A dissident Russian journalist reported murdered in Kiev has dramatically reappeared alive in the middle of a briefing about his own killing by the Ukrainian state security service.

Ukrainian authorities had said on Tuesday that Arkady Babchenko, a 41-year-old critic of President Vladimir Putin and of Russian policy in Ukraine and Syria, had been shot dead at his flat and that his wife had found him in a pool of blood.

His reported murder touched off a war of words between Ukraine and Russia, a flurry of condemnations from European capitals and Washington, and shivers through the journalistic communities in both countries.

But on Wednesday, an emotional Babchenko appeared before reporters saying he had been part of a special Ukrainian op ... [more]
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Round 13 & State of Origin 1
Posted By: Charles @ May 30 2018, 01:16 PM in Australian Rugby League
user posted image

Four games plus Origin One to tip this week.

Thursday May 31:


Friday June 1:

Rabbitohs v SHARKS LOSS

Saturday June 2:

EELS v Knights LOSS

Sunday June 3:

Roosters v TIGERS LOSS

Wednesday June 6:

NSW v Queensland WIN
... [more]
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Esperance Youth Win Young Achiever Awards
Posted By: Charles @ May 29 2018, 05:55 PM in WA
Esperance youth triumph at WA Young Achiever Awards

Jake Dietsch

user posted image

From left to right: Deputy shire president Natalie Bowman, shire president Victoria Brown, Diamond Club Online Achievement Award and People's Choice Award winner Jaimen Hudson, WAFarmers and Rural Bank Agriculture Award finalist Asher Goddard and WAFarmers and Rural Bank Agriculture Award winner Tom Curnow.

user posted image

Finalists from left to right: Tom Curnow, Jaimen Hudson and Asher Goddard.

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Rehab Centre Wins Battle With Council
Posted By: Charles @ May 29 2018, 09:33 AM in WA
Drug rehab centre Shalom House triumphs in lengthy court battle with City of Swan

By Charlotte Hamlyn

user posted image

Photo: Peter Lyndon-James hopes the findings will help forge a way forward with the council. (Australian Story: Marcus Alborn)

A Perth drug rehabilitation centre, once described as the "strictest" in Australia will keep its doors open after winning a three-year legal battle over its zoning classification.

Shalom House is a not-for-profit facility in Henley Brook in the Swan Valley, which houses up to 35 men with serious drug or other addictions.

As part of an uncompromising "cold-turkey" program, they are required to reside at the house for sever ... [more]
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Far north Queensland islands to close
Posted By: Flin @ May 28 2018, 07:13 AM in QLD
Far north Queensland islands to close for baiting program targeting rats
user posted image
Normanby Island, part of the Frankland Islands group, will close to the public due to rat baiting.

Nearly a dozen islands off the far north Queensland coast will close to the public from today because of a rat problem.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service will begin a three-week aerial baiting program targeting black rats on the Frankland Islands and Northern Barnard Islands, south of Cairns.

Ranger-in-charge Warrick Armstrong said the pest rats, or Rattus rattus species, posed a threat to thousands of nesting seabirds in the Great Barrier Reef world-heritage area.

"They cause major extinctions and a ... [more]
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Three Brothers
Posted By: Charles @ May 27 2018, 09:15 AM in "Burning Questions"
user posted image

A musical question for you this week.

Three brothers, born of English parents in India, all had big chart hits in the UK as solo artists.

The first had a number one hit in the early '60s (pre Beatles).

The second had a number one 8 years later. His hit reached number one in 14 different countries.

The youngest of the trio had a number three on the UK charts with a recording of a Hoagy Carmichael song in the mid '70s.

Name the songs and the names under which the brothers recorded these songs.
... [more]
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'Hero Rats' Clearing Cambodian Minefield
Posted By: Charles @ May 26 2018, 10:55 AM in Asia / Pacific
Meet the 'hero rats' clearing Cambodia's landmines

By freelance correspondent Zoe Osborne

user posted image

Photo: Thoeun Theap with his favourite rat, Mr Magawa. (ABC News: Zoe Osborne)

The sun is barely up when Thoeun Theap pulls into a clearing in the thick Cambodian bush with a giant African rat on the seat beside him.

In a few minutes the two will be out there beyond the treeline, scouring the earth for the remnants of a war Mr Theap fled almost 40 years ago.

He spends most mornings out here in no man's land with his team of pouched rat handlers from APOPO and de-miners from the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC). A step in the wrong direction could see them lose ... [more]
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Bushfire in WA's south destroys buildings
Posted By: Flin @ May 26 2018, 09:36 AM in WA
Bushfire in WA's south destroys buildings
user posted image

At least one home and buildings at a holiday-stay farm have been destroyed as bushfires ripped through Western Australia, with all the fires being downgraded.

An emergency fire warning has been reduced to a watch and act message for Redmond, Marbelup and Elleker - north and south of Lower Denmark Road - in the City of Albany on Friday night.

"You need to leave or get ready to actively defend," the Emergency WA message warns.

An advice message has been put out for southern parts of Elleker and parts of Napier with residents told there was no longer an immediate threat to their lives or homes.

But it's too late for a residential property razed in the fire in Napier, although the owners are safe.

... [more]
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Donald Trump pardons late black boxing champion Ja
Posted By: scepo @ May 25 2018, 11:55 AM in Good News Stories
Donald Trump pardons late black boxing champion Jack Johnson

user posted image

Photo: Jack Johnson was the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion. (AP)

US President Donald Trump has granted a rare posthumous pardon to boxing's first black heavyweight champion, clearing Jack Johnson's name more than 100 years after what many see as his racially charged conviction.

"I am taking this very righteous step, I believe, to correct a wrong that occurred in our history and to honour a truly legendary boxing champion," Mr Trump said during an Oval Office ceremony.

He was joined by WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, retired ... [more]
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